Desert Kingdom, Middle East · travel

Amman, the heart of Jordan.


“I woke up a few hours later feeling disoriented with faint memories of a very long flight landing in the midst of a small airport and a drive through red mountains. 

It was 9am and I was in a room that must’ve once been very palacial at some point in its glorious past.. 

I walked to the source of light coming through a slight shift in thick red curtains and moved them to look outside only to be blinded by what was the brightest sunniest day and one look at the city that was trying to reveal itself through this glare and dust shining like gold brought me back to where I was.. Amman! 

Amman, the heart of Jordan!”

A city I felt completely lost in on that first day but after 5 years, I am yearning to go back.

Memories of travel..

*Terminally Lost*


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