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Just what I needed.. a little sunshine! ❤️

So i have been away for a while, all stressed about my damaged passport and other travel related issues. Running all over town trying to make the impossible work and suddenly just when I need to get through one particularly terrible day, I read this! https://kiv08.wordpress.com/2016/11/29/my-lady-love-who-inspires-me-to-live-a-lill-more-and-definitely-more-boldly/ And I enter the passport office with a new… Continue reading Just what I needed.. a little sunshine! ❤️

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Supermoon of November ’16!

So I waited all evening on the terrace of my building to spot the moonrise that so overhyped that I had decided if I don’t see it, ill have to wait till 2034!!! Here are some pictures… Did you think it was larger than the other full moons??? *Terminally Lost*